Here is the full list of all Orobians' disks! In chronological order from our last work:


Slave to The Riddim

"Slave to the riddim": a concept dedicated to the 80s. Ten songs that for various reasons have been i the pop charts in a period between 1980 and 1989, revisited with a great commitment and artistic originality. Really, really funny.


Orobians' Anniversary Album.

Come and party with the Orobians' Anniversary Album. The album's tenth birthday! The twenty most beautiful songs that we recorded in the first three jobs. Do not miss, because the others are sold out ...


Jamaica - Italia Connection

We took so much care of it. The selection of pieces is amazing and the sound too. Certainly, it's the top of our ska trilogy.
We knew that after this, something would've changed.


9 Ska mads plus 1

It should have been a demo but it's an album!
This tells you something about our energy at the time. We found its sound that is one of the hardest things to do for a band. There was more awareness.
When we finished to record and mix and we got out of the studio we looked at each other and everyone was happy.


Jamaican Tunes

It's our first album. Some of us weren't even having been in a recording studio before.
We were scared and you can hear it but we gave it a terrific sound and everyone loved the "thing" that there's in it.
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